Fann A Porter at Egypt International Art Fair

4-February 2022

Fann A Porter is pleased to announce its participation at the 3nd edition of Egypt Int'l Art Fair from 4-8 February, 2022 at Dusit Tani, Lake View, Cairo with two booths, a solo presentation by Majd Kurdieh, and a second solo presention by artist Houssam Ballan.

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Aiming to establish itself as a hub for artists, designers and creative people all over the region, Egypt International Art Fair is the first fully curated art fair in the country. The third edition will welcome participation from galleries all over the region, showcasing the work of a variety of artists. The event’s venue, Cairo’s Dusit Thani Hotel, will also host a strong programme of events, talks and panel discussions.

Participating galleries will exhibit their art in the Gallery Zone where individual booths offer an overview of the art scene in Egypt and beyond. Alongside this area, the Curated Zone will give viewers a carefully selected presentation of contemporary art placing Egyptian artists side by side with international artists.

A showcase of modern and collectible artists will be on display in the Private Collections, featuring work from an array of established collectors. The spotlight will be given to a single prominent artist in the Retrospective section.


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February 4, 2022