Art For All Collective

  • The need for sustainable creative economy

    The need for sustainable creative economy


    AFA Collective is an independent collectors group formed by Fann A Porter, located at The Workshop Dubai, a inter-disciplinary community space in Jumeirah. AFA Collective members will benefit from collaborative initiatives between Fann A Porter, artists and other affiliate institutions throughout the region and abroad, including activities such as artist studio visits designed to understand the various developmental stages of artists, and also educate collectors about building an art collection.


    AFA Collective members will feature cultural travel programme enabling members to visit important cultural institutions, and artists-led art quarters of the world. The AFA Collective members will have access to an inventory of works on easy payment plan options.

  • Inaugural Exhibition in Dubai

    Inaugural Exhibition in Dubai

    AFA Collective's inaugural exhibition showcased visceral and communicative artworks by emerging, mid-career and established artists from the Middle East, Iran and Europe who shine light upon a pocket of contemporary production. Shown in a refreshed commercial context characterized by accessibility, transparency and sustainability with flexible financial solutions,AFA proposes an antithetical model to combat collector fatigue and promote arts awareness and education. Exhibiting artists include Annie Kurkdjian, Alaa Sharabi, Houssam Ballan, Khalad Najad Paez, Jordi Prat Pons, Othman Moussa, Majd Kurdieh, Omar Najjar, Amirhosein Zanjani, Sasan Nasernia, Juhayda Bitar, Azad Nanakeli, Mukesh Shah, Yousuf Yousuf, among others.

  • Founder's Note

    “A sustainable creative environment is one built on long-term commitment, an inclusive approach that not only caters to a small percentage of elite market, but to those who could set aside a monthly investment towards purchasing art."

  • Acquiring art with ease


    AFA members will have access to a flexible payment plan enabling them to purchase valuable art with ease. The gallery will take the total price of the artwork, including taxes, divide equally by either 2 or 3 monthly payment plan by cheque, cash, debit card, or credit card.


    The member will sign a Buyer's Form with Fann A Porter which sets out the terms of the payments and authorizes the Gallery to process the monthly instalments.


    The first payment is the deposit to be paid directly to the gallery at the time of signing the Buyer's Form. The client will submit the following payments through 2-3 post-dated security cheques. Post-dated cheques can be replaced by debit/ credit card payment of the due month at no additional cost.


    The artwork stays at the gallery until all payments are completed. No extra charges will be applied.




    To become a AFA Collective member, please email, and we will be in touch.  The membership is currently free and available for for audiences worldwide. 


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