Odyssey: Laith Qattan

12 December 2020 - 30 January 2021

Fann A Porter Amman presents الملحمة   / Odyssey, an exhibition featuring a collection of works by Jordanian artist, Laith Qattan.  


About the Exhibition 


Laith Qattan’s work centers on the concept of journeys experienced through the conscious and subconscious mind, identifying the human condition using various symbolisms and expressions. 


‘We take journeys, we make journeys, we share journeys, and we immerse in them. The exhibition title “الملحمة” holds a double meaning; it is the English word for ‘odyssey’ and the Arabic word for a butcher shop. It captures and interprets journeys that are inspired by my own personal narrative, where you will reflect on your emotions, leaving you to dwell on the title.’ – Laith Qattan.


الملحمة   / Odyssey will present work consisting of various media including watercolor, acrylic, oil pastels and metal wire installations. 


About the Artist


After graduating with a BA in Interior Design from Petra University, Laith Qattan developed an interest in wire sculpting and painting. His interest in fine arts led him to experiment with different various media including metal wires, ink, watercolor, and varnish paint. 


Laith Qattan pursues a teaching career as an IBMYP Visual Arts teacher. Outside the classroom, he led an Art Therapy workshop with Ithraa Centre for International Health Day and a Wire Art workshop at Haya Cultural Centre for International Art Day.  The artist has participated in various exhibitions, workshops and cultural initiatives in Amman, Jordan including Corner Gallery Art Space (2018), Chamber Gyld Design House (2014), TEDx Youth Exhibition (2012) among others, and has work showcased and collected in various cities across the globe including New York, USA. 


Born in 1991, Laith Qattan lives and works in Amman, Jordan. 


About Fann A Porter 

Fann A Porter is a contemporary art gallery that represents a diverse selection of emerging international and regional artists.The gallery aims to nurture the burgeoning and dynamic contemporary art scene through quality exhibitions, non-profit events, auctions, and an active community programme.Fann A Porter has locations in Dubai, UAE and Amman, Jordan. 

The Dubai gallery is based at The Workshop, a unique inter-disciplinary community space consisting of a cafe, art gallery, sustainable store and design space, providing visitors with a diversified artistic and cultural experience.  Bathed in natural sunlight with its garden, The Workshop is located in the heart of Jumeirah in Dubai.  

Fann A Porter Amman is located at Manara Arts & Culture, a creative hub and social space in the heart of Jabal Al Lweibdeh. 


For more information and for interviews with the artist, please contact the gallery on +962 79 571 0698, or email amman@fannaporter.com