Believing in Light: Rana Raouda

9 December 2020 - 9 January 2021

Abstract landscapes generally allow for the viewers own visual connections and interpretation to transport them to a certain place they find in a particular artwork. However, Rana’s paintings direct viewers to imagine only places wrapped in serenity and calmness.’ – Ghada Kunash, Founder, Fann A Porter, The Workshop Dubai.



Fann A Porter Dubai is pleased to present Believing in Light, a solo exhibition by prominent Lebanese painter, Rana Raouda.


Rana Raouda’s bright and vivacious canvases radiate warmth and positivity, and the artist fluently expresses her love of nature through abstract forms. 


Working with acrylics on canvas, Rana creates numerous layers, often in various tones of the same color, giving each painting a sense of depth and movement. Her inspiration comes from life and nature, she paints always from her memory.