Fann A Porter: Manara Arts & Culture

30 October - 30 November 2019

The Workshop and Fann A Porter are proud to announce a group show of notable emerging artists taking place during Amman Design Week. The gallery will send a specially curated exhibition comprising the work of five artists from the region to showcase the breadth of diversity in Dubai. Curated by Dubai-based artist Safwan Dahoul, the artists are all at a critical stage of their careers where they have developed a strong sense of their own identity and practice and are ready for wider audiences. The exhibition will take place at the Manara Arts and Cultural Centre in Amman, which is known as a beacon of arts and culture in the Jordanian capital. They provide a platform for local and regional talent.


Appearing in the group show are Houssam Ballan; Majd Kurdieh; Omar Najjar; Shereen Shalhoub and Khaled Najjad Paez.