Art for All Collective

25 September - 6 November 2019

AFA Collective at Fann A Porter embodies the ethos of a gallery housed in a multi-disciplinary community engagement space. Nurturing international talent through myriad programming, it believes in and relies upon the public that activates it. Serving as both an exhibition and a concept, AFA Collective offers visceral and communicative artworks by emerging, mid-career and established artists from the Middle East, Iran and Europe who shine light upon a pocket of contemporary production. Shown in a refreshed commercial context characterized by accessibility, transparency and sustainability with flexible financial solutions,AFA proposes an antithetical model to combat collector fatigue and promote arts awareness and education. Exhibiting artists include Annie Kurkdjian, Alaa Sharabi, Houssam Ballan, Khalad Najad Paez, Jordi Prat Pons, Othman Moussa, Majd Kurdieh, Omar Najjar, Amirhosein Zanjani, Sasan Nasernia, Juhayda Bitar, Azad Nanakeli, Mukesh Shah, Yousuf Yousuf, among others.