Rhapsody: Omar Najjar

4 March - 30 July 2020

"The best way to paint music, is to paint the orchestra" - Omar Najjar


The Workshop and Fann A Porter present Rhapsody, a series of oil paintings by Jordanian painter, Omar Najjar.

Najjar has a long interest in humanity and his bold brushstrokes and use of oil painting as a medium combine into a style of contemporary impressionism, the subject of which is usually everyday tasks that seem mundane but are given new dimensions in his work.


About the Exhibition


In Rhapsody, the paintings explore the collective act of orchestral music. Each piece of this new collection depicts orchestra players in action. Each individual has their role but to complete the ensemble and allow the music to play, they must also listen to each other - both instrument and player. By focusing on the collective rather than the individual, Najjar is making a comment on life and how a healthy society functions.


Although painting a static scene, Najjar's use of broad brush strokes, blurred lines and swathes of colour convey movement, energy and even the sound of the notes. By revealing his process through imprecise markings, it is as if Najjar is letting his viewer into the feelings he has for the music and for the act of playing collectively in rhapsody. Rather than concentrating on the figures or the instruments, Najjar is painting the music itself.


Omar Najjar says: "Music is one of the highest forms of art and it has a very abstracted nature. The orchestra is one the most elegant musical outputs and whether it is from East or West, there will be no ego or competition between the players. All are together so that when you hear their music it feels natural, like it has been made without a maker. If you look at each person's presence in my paintings, you'll see that it highlights the whole rather than the individual. Each member is equally important and the best way to paint music, is to paint the orchestra".


Ghada Kunash says: "Omar has an uncanny ability to make his viewers take stock of every day actions and the small details of life. He pours emotion into his paintings and his skill is undoubtable. This series really makes you reflect on how we live and makes us realise how we must work together as a community to create the music of life."


About the Artist


Omar Najjar is known for his innovative style that he describes as "structured chaos." His paintings come across as a modern take on impressionism; their quotidian subject matter is elevated to the sublime, providing a profound, if understated, view of the human experience. Expertly manipulating oil, pastels and charcoal, Omar's instantly recognizable work is characterized by broad brush strokes that give a suggestion to the story without giving the details fully.


Born in 1992 in Nablus, Palestine, Omar Najjar graduated from the Jordan University's Fine Arts Department. The artist group and solo exhibitions include The artist group and solo exhibitions include BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2019), Manara Arts & Culture, Amman, Jordan (2019), Zara Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2018), Wadi Finan, Amman, Jordan (2016); Al Bareh Gallery, Bahrain (2016); Fann A Porter, Dubai, UAE (2015); Nabad Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2014).


Omar Najjar's works are housed in various private and public institutions including the

Palestine Museum, USA.


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